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Rajasthani POTLI BAGS

About Rajasthani Potli Bags

Potli bags have existed in India for a very long time. These attractive bags are in existence for centuries and are now becoming a fashion accessory. Potli bags are essentially made out of rich cloth, preferably satin, velvet, or silk.

Potli bags are said to be used while traveling by Lord Rama when he was exiled for 14 years. It was supposedly used for storing basic necessities and clothes. Also, Sudama used the polti bag to carry rice when he went to meet Lord Krishna. Thus, Potli bags have a deep connection with ancient mythology, tradition, and culture.

Now with the increase in popularity of these traditional bags, many designers started decorating these bags using pearls, beads, mirrors, stones, tassels, and sequins. Different kinds of embroidery are made on these bags to give them a luxurious and eye grabbing look. Rajasthani Designers started using Gota Embroidery on Rajasthani Potli bags, that is how it came into existence.

Rajasthani Embroidery On Potli Bags

Indian Embroidery Technique originated from Rajasthan is Gota Patti or Gota work. The applique sewing technique is used to create elaborate patterns by applying zari ribbon onto the silk fabric. Gota embroidery is extensively used to decorate fabric. 

Potli bags are handmade gota patti embroidered bags with beads, sequins and pearls. The beautiful handcrafted patchwork is carried on all sides of the bag. Traditional Potli bags are made up of pure silk. Some bags take up to 3 days as they are still handcrafted using all traditional tools. Rajasthani-style bags have drawstrings with beads attached to it. Each bag is rare and unique because they are hand embroidered not machine embroidered. Only handmade bags reflects the perfection and ability of Indian artists. That’s why our handmade Rajasthani bags are preferred all over India.

Traditional Potli bags used by Indian Celebrities.
Bollywood Celebrities using Potlis (Source:

In traditional times, the potli bags were used to store essential items, precious jewelry and currency coins safely. But now these potli bags have emerged as a fashion accessory which compliments traditional and modern wear on all occasions. Potli bags are not just style statements but are also used to carry daily essential items. The bag is designed to easily hold many things while depicting luxury and glamour. Not only it is fashionable and utilitarian but also reflects the great Hindustani Embroidery culture. This article will show case best Rajasthani Potli bags available in India.

How to buy Rajasthani Potli Bags Online

The best way to buy authentic potli bags is to buy from local Rajasthani shops. As local artists can only be the best at it. Of course, It’s not possible for everyone to visit Rajasthan and shop offline. For those, online shop from Rajasthani Bags Emporium exists. We would suggest avoiding cheap china-made bags as they are machine embroidered not original handmade. Most of the popular ecommerce stores are selling made in china bags and are fooling customers. Only shop at Rajasthani Bags Emporium as we strive for authentic quality handcrafted bags and the best prices with satisfaction guaranteed.

Handmade Rajasthani Potli Design
Rajasthani Embroidered Potli Bag @
Different Rajasthani Potli Designs
Different Varieties Of Potli Bags @

Another thing to keep in mind while shopping potli bags is to prefer Hand embroidery over machine embroidery. You can check here the difference between Hand embroidery and machine embroidery. It’s a fact that handmade bags cost a little more money than factory-made bags but if you have already decided to shop Ethnic potli bags, you should go for original not duplicates. We at Rajasthani Bags Emporium provides 7 days no question asked 100% refund that means, if you have any concerns about the quality or anything, you can return it without hesitation. But you won’t need that as we are known for Authenticity and quality, the key to the success of our business.